Quantum Hi-Tech Wired Keyboard

Quantum Hi-Tech Wired Keyboard

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Quantum Hi-Tech Wired Keyboard:

  • Delivery Within 8-10 business days
  • If your keypad is malfunctioning or has stopped working properly, then you can replace it with the Quantum QHM7406 Keyboard that is sturdy and will serve you for a long time.
  • Features: This Quantum Keyboard is crafted with high quality plastic and comes in a compact size so that makes it appropriate for houses that have confined spaces.
  • The key pressure is 65g. It is light in weight and you will not have any difficulty while using it. Due to its make, you will never feel any stress while typing.
  • Therefore your arm muscle will stay relaxed. This one is black in colour and has a matte finish. Uses: This one is a must buy for all as it is compatible with windows.